Leigh Primary School

Robin Class

 Robin Class


Teachers: Mrs Harper (Monday and Tuesday), Mrs Barber (Wednesday to Friday)

PPA cover: Mrs Tallent (days TBC)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs White (Mornings)

Mr Thacker will be teaching P.E every Tuesday

Mr Underwood will be teaching recorders every Friday.


Summer 2 

Child-Initiated Play

In Robins, we very much still believe in child-initiated play and will therefore be factoring in sessions whereby the children can lead their own learning. These sessions have been vital in supporting the development of social skills and positive relationships with their peers in class, however moving forward we will be reducing the number of these sessions as the children start their transition to Year 2 in September.

We will support the children to become as independent as possible for the remainder of the year as they continue to progress through Key Stage One.



Please do speak to us at drop-off or pick-up as needed for brief queries. Otherwise, please do not hesitate to make contact by email or telephone via the school office and we will contact you as soon as possible. Please feel free to ask any questions however big or small!

Reading records – Please date and make a brief comment with regards to your child’s reading each time you hear them read. Please do not use these as communication for other matters as we may not be able to check reading records every day.




Reading - 15 minutes per day reading to an adult

Mathletics weekly tasks and spelling lists for weekly spelling tests will be phased in for Year One children as appropriate later in the year.

A weekly phonics note will go home with information on current sounds and words being taught in phonics to keep you informed of your child's learning. It would be useful for you to talk about and go through these with your child to consolidate their learning in this area.  The curriculum newsletter includes details of suggested activities if your child wishes to extend their learning at home in other curriculum areas. They are very welcome to bring any learning they do at home to show and share at school!


Reading books 

We will aim to change your child’s book every Monday and Thursday. Your child will bring home two books at a time. As the year progresses, we will be encouraging and supporting the children to change and choose their books independently. Please sign and date the reading record when you hear your child read. Please bring books to school every day. 



P.E will be on a Tuesdays and Fridays this term. Mr Thacker (Specialist P.E teacher) will teach games every Tuesday and Mrs Barber will teach P.E every Friday.

Please ensure correct P.E kit is brought into school.

They must have; 

  • Leigh Primary School red top
  • Black shorts
  • Trainers
  • Plimsoles 

The children will wear a school jumper when it is cold. They can keep a jumper/hoodie and a pair of jogging trousers in their P.E bag to use if they so wish for when P.E takes place outside. 


Forest School

There are no Forest School sessions scheduled for this term.



Please bring to school:

  • Reading records and books brought in every day so their books are available to hear your child read
  • Water bottle
  • Healthy snack for morning break (nut free)
  • Packed lunch box if needed
  • Wellies and waterproofs to be kept at school
  • Coat
  • P.E kit

Please ensure that all items brought into school are labelled with your child’s name – Thank you!



Our topic this term is...

Robin's Imagination Station!


Have a look at our curriculum leaflet for this term to get an idea of what the children will be learning during the summer term and what you can do at home to support your child:

A note from us...

Finally, children develop at different rates. Please be reassured that what we set for your child’s learning will be planned to suit them. All information stated above is intended to give you an overview of your child’s first term with us. If your child needs more time to achieve certain aspects of their learning then this will be catered for.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to another fantastic term!


Mrs Harper, Mrs Barber and Mrs White