Leigh Primary School


Dear All,

Welcome to Wolves Class Page. We are excited to be beginning a new term with you! This page is intended to give a break down of our learning expectations over the course of the term, information about homework, equipment checklists and other parental information. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to come in and see us or get in contact and we will help you as best we can.


Classroom Staff

Class Teacher Learning Assistant
Monday Mrs Harper Mrs Tait
Tuesday Mrs Harper Mrs Tait
Wednesday Mrs Harper Mrs Tait
Thursday Mrs Tanner Mrs Tait
Friday Mrs Tanner Mrs Tait


School Day


The door to the front playground will be open at 8:30 to allow children to come into school earlier where they will have Target Time work set. The register will be taken promptly at 8.45AM. At the end of the day children will leave at 3:15 and be escorted onto the front playground. We request that those collecting children come into the playground and not expect children to cross the road onto the green independently. There will always be a member of staff present, if you have any questions, comments or concerns - please feel free to speak to us at this time.


Key Dates

Monday 28th October: Beginning of Autumn 2

Thursday 31st October: Open Afternoon

Friday 1st November: Forest School

Wednesday 6th November: Open Afternoon

Monday 11th November: Remembrance Day

Monday 25th November: Class Trip to Kent Life

Thursday 28th November: Y6 Flu Vaccinations

Friday 6th December: Off By Heart Poetry Competition

Friday 13th December: Forest School

Monday 16th December: Pantomime

Wednesday 18th December: End of Term 2


Must haves Optional
  • Fresh, named water bottle - everyday please
  • Sun hat and cream (when this applies)
  • Ink Pen and blue (only) cartridges
  • Correct school uniform and tie
  • PE Kit

Our PE kit consists of a red 'Leigh' T-shirt with black shorts and black or red jogging bottoms for cooler weather. Children only require trainers (not plimsols) for PE activities. PLEASE NOTE: football/netball kit is only to be worn for clubs NOT PE lessons.

Ears that have been pierced in excess of 6 weeks: earrings need to be removed before the lesson or not worn on Tuesdays. Ears that have been pierced within 6 weeks: to be covered in tape that is to be brought into school in preparation for the lesson/club.

  • Wellington boots
  • Pencil Case

Pencil cases need to be of a sensible size to fit in shallow trays.  Along with books and equipment they need to store in their trays.

All the equipment below is provided but if the children wish to bring some of these items they may.

  • Scissors
  • Felt tips/fine liners/colouring pencils
  • Dictionary/thesaurus
  • Art Apron

Not to be brought into school

  • Anything containing nuts (no nuts in lunch please)
  • Sweets (unless it is a birthday gift to the class)
  • Technology (tablets, phones, kindles)
  • Pocket money
  • Cuddly toys
  • Trading cards (Pokemon, football etc)



   Autumn 1    Autumn 2 
Autumn 1 & 2

*Click on the links below for your child's weekly spellings*



Green Group Spellings

Children in Green Group will be focusing on some trickier spellings with words from the year 5/6 statutory frame work woven in throughout.


Yellow Group Spellings

Children in Yellow Group will be focusing on a mixture of spellings including some from the year 5/6 statutory framework.


***All spellings for Green and Yellow Group are stored in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Please use the tabs at the bottom of the page to go between the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms.***



Red Group Spellings

Children in Red group have 8 weekly spelling which have been created on Communicate and Print to help children's conceptual understanding of the words they are learning. Each week's spellings are a mixture of HFW (high frequency words) and those from a spelling category. You will notice that some HFW are repeated for a number of weeks, this is to help with the children's spelling memory for these words.




PE - PE lessons will be conducted on a Wednesday. Please ensure your child has their kit

Spellings - Out on Monday - Tested on Monday

Maths (Mathletics) - Out on Friday - In on Wednesday

English (SPaG.com) - Out on Friday - In on Wednesday

Reading - Children are expected to read most days for pleasure and I would recommend they read to an adult 3-4 times a week in order to discuss their understanding. 

We look forward to having a fantastic Autumn Term and seeing you all soon!

Mrs Harper

Mrs Tanner

Mrs Tait