Leigh Primary School


Dear All,

Welcome to Wolves Class Page.

Welcome back to school and the Autumn term. This page is intended to give a break down of our learning expectations over the course of the term, information about homework, equipment checklists and other parental information. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me and I will respond as soon as possible. My email address is viccie.oyler@leigh.kent.sch.uk 


 To try and make sure that we are COVID-Secure, our school day begins at 8.30am - your children will be collected from the Green, due to safety precautions in the school we ask that parents do not come into school. 

Collection will be at 3.15pm - again from the same coned area on the green. 

On arrival into school we are asking that all children wash and sanitise their hands.  They will do this at regular points throughout the day and their tables will also be disinfected regularly.   If you would like to have their own personal bottle of hand sanitiser, they may bring it in and place it on their table for use throughout the day. 

As the children are in year 6, they are now role models to the rest of the school, therefore I expect them to be smartly dressed at all times.  They need to be wearing a tie every day and it is not acceptable for their jumpers to be tied around their waist.  

On a Wednesday this term we are having tennis lessons, I am requesting that all children wear their school PE kit into school in the morning.  This eliminates the risk of it being cross contaminated by others if they inadvertently brush past it, it also reduces the need to change in class and thus helps privacy for our children. 

I fully expect all of the children to complete the homework that I set and I also expect that they will continue to read widely - including challenging and excellent quality texts.  For information on further books to read please look at our school website.  

I also expect children to continue learning their times tables and equivalent division facts throughout the year at home - this will help them immensely in their maths and also encourage them to be independent learners. 

In class we are studying the story "War Horse" by Michael Morpugo, a lot of our English work will be based on this text and also some of our art work.  If possible I would really like your child to have their own copy in school every day.  

Spellings will be given out on a Monday and the test will be the following Monday.  Your child will be in a group that will help to develop their learning of spelling and vocabulary and it will be of a suitable level for your child.  Your child must learn these spellings, however it is imperative that they also learn these words and when to use and apply them in their work.  Therefore as part of their learning, I expect all children to write a sentence with the word correctly used in. 

With regards to the choosing of House Captains we have decided that if your child wishes to be a candidate for the House Captain elections, they need to record a short video of their campaign and email it to me by Friday the 11th September.  These videos will then be shown to the whole school in classes and they will then vote. 


Please click here for a copy of the Wolves Class Curriculum Leaflet for this Term

Have a fantastic term,

Miss Oyler