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We are delighted to welcome Hawks back to school for the Summer Term. Our topic this term is a local history project and in science we will be looking at classification of UK plant and animal species and how human impact is affecting their populations.  

Below you will find information which will guide you through your child’s next term in Hawk Class and there is a link to the letter sent out regarding Google Classroom (information regarding access is removed for safeguarding reasons as this is confidential to you and the children).  We will be posting all homework on the Google Classroom with information and support for home learning.

Google Classroom Letter



Class Teacher

Learning Assistant


Mrs Halfhide

Mrs Tallent (all day)


Mrs Halfhide

Mrs Tallent (AM)


Miss Simpson

Mrs Tallent (AM)


Miss Simpson

Mrs Grant/Mrs Tallent (AM)


Miss Simpson

Mrs Grant/Mrs Tallent (AM)

School Day:

School starts at 8:40 and they will be collected from the green by their class teacher in the orange coned area.   On entry to school they will engage with target time work that will be centred around core learning. Please ensure your child is on time as we are conducting staggered entry to school to avoid contact between classes.

If your child arrives after the class has been collected, please bring them to the front office so that we can ensure they are registered correctly for attendance and lunch and taken to their classroom without walking through other classrooms.

At the end of the school day you will need to collect your child from the green at 3:15 in the orange coned area. There will always be a member of staff present, if you have any questions, comments or concerns - please feel free to speak to us at this time for any informal queries. If you require a consultation with us regarding any concerns you have please email the school office or speak to us regarding arranging a telephone call as we are unable to consult within the school premises at this time. 


  • Water bottle
  • Pencil case including a fountain pen with spare blue ink cartridges (children in KS2 are expected to write in fountain pen unless specified otherwise).


Pencil Case Items



Ink Pen and cartridges

Felt tip pens





Sharpener (enclosed if possible)


Colouring pencils

Pritt Stick


  • Pencil cases need to be a sensible size to fit in shallow trays.  Along with books and equipment they need to store in their trays.
  • Wellington boots (specifically needed for Forest School sessions and outdoor learning)
  • Waterproof clothing for forest school sessions in poor weather on designated dates.
  • Coats (as appropriate)
  • Sunhats and sun cream (as appropriate)
  • Art apron (to be kept in PE kit)
  • PE Kit
  • Their own reading book of choice.

Our PE kit consists of a red 'Leigh' T-shirt, black shorts, dark trainers and black or red jogging bottoms for cooler weather.

PE - PE lessons will be conducted on a Tuesday and  Friday for the majority of the year. Please ensure your child has their kit in school at all times. Children should not wear earrings on these days; if they do, they will need to be able to take them out and put them back in without our support. Please note only small discrete studs are permissible in our uniform policy. 

Additional Requests to help us meet Government Reopening Guidelines in Hawk Classroom

  • Please could your child bring a bottle of hand sanitiser for their own personal use to keep on their desk. This helps with the efficient running the a classroom.
  • Please ensure that children bring one school bag to school each day. Ideally, we would like everything to be contained within it apart from their water bottles which will be kept on their desks (no soggy bags!)
  • Children may not bring games, sports equipment and trading cards/trumps.

Specific items for this term

·      Comprehension text will be supplied remotely


This year the children’s learning will be structured differently, and each class teacher will take responsibility for certain subjects to ensure clear progression, continuity and enable the children to immerse themselves in these subjects in different parts of the week.  We are conscious that we want to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum whilst helping the children to make accelerated progress in their core subjects; although this is always our aim it is even more important since the children have not been able to access face to face teaching with us for an extended period of time.




Spelling and Maths



Spelling and Maths PE/SRE/ACT RIGHT



Wider Curriculum Day (Subject will vary AM) Mrs Tallent (French/Music PM)


Miss Simpson English



Miss Simpson English



Please note: This timetable is subject to change on occasion dependent upon our formative assessment of the children and other wider curriculum events that take place.

Below please find a copy of our curriculum coverage leaflet, this details all of our learning for the second Autumn Term. Our topic for Autumn Term 2 will be ‘The Windrush Generation’ and will focus upon the emigration of people from the Caribbean to the UK after WW11 and the contributions the made the Britain.

Blue Planet


Celebrating Caribbean Culture

Local History Study



Spellings – These will be taught and issued on a Monday by Mrs Halfhide. They will be tested on a Friday by Miss Simpson

Please ensure that spellings are learnt. If a score below average is scored then your child will be expected to learn them again over the weekend for a retest on Monday. Please do not worry if your child finds the spellings too easy or hard to begin with as we will adjust accordingly in the first couple of weeks and this will of course inform our differentiation.  Children will be awarded with house points for good scores and if they achieve exceptionally well will be additionally given a ‘Spelling Bee’ sticker to indicate if they scored 9 or 10 out of 10.

Clear here for Learning Spellings Guidance Letter

Click here for a template for learning spellings should it suit your Childs learning style.

Maths (Mathletics) - Out on Wednesday - in by following Wednesday

Learning will be linked to class objectives for the majority of the time.  Please ensure your child completes this homework. Repetition and consolidation of objectives is important for learning to enter their long-term memory. A slip will be sent home for not completion of homework on Wednesday.  It is expected for homework to be completed on time.

Click here for Mathletics Parent Portal letter

Click here for guidance in times tables learning

Reading - Children are expected to read most days for 30 mins. 

Each week a chapter of their class book ‘ will be set to read with an adult at home. Questions with model answers will be provided for parents to use to support their reading comprehension development.  The children should be reading their own books independently or with you at home as well.

Autumn Term 1 - Waterhorse - Dick King Smith

Comprehension 1 - Chapter 1 - An Old Fish's Egg - Click Here

Comprehension 2 - Chapter 2/3 - Click here

Comprehension 3 - Chapter 4/5 Click here

Comprehension 4 - Chapter 6/7 Click here

Comprehension 5 - Chapter 8 onwards Click here

Autumn Term 2 - Skellig - David Almond

Comprehension 1 - Chapter 1 - Click here

Comprehension 2 - Chapter 2-5 - Click here

Comprehension 3 - Chapters 6-10 - Click here

Comprehension 4 - Chapters 11-20 - Click here

Comprehension 5 - Chapters 21-29 Click here

Comprehension 6 - Chapters 30-end Click here

Spring Term 1 Comprehension

The beast within - Click here

We would recommend that your child reads to an adult 2/3 times a week to help aid/develop their understanding and comprehension as well as independently.

Termly Projects – Each term a project will be set to encourage perseverance, independence and engagement with home study. We consider that this is good preparation for transition from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3. Please refer to curriculum leaflet for outlining information. Further details will follow in the form of a class letter.

English – Each term a writing project will be set to encourage children to research, plan, write and edit independently. This will be due in at the end of each term. More information will be sent in a class letter.

Autumn Term 1

Click here for termly project letter

Click here for comic strip powerpoint to support homework

Autumn Term 2

Click here for termly project letter

Spring Term 1 and 2

Click here for term project letter


Click here for Autumn Term 1 spellings for all groups

Click here for Autumn Term 2 spellings for all groups

Click here for Spring Term 1 spellings for all groups

Click here for Spring Term 2 spellings for all groups 

Please find Summer Term spellings on your child's Goggle Classroom page