Leigh Primary School


Term Dates/The School Day

Term Dates


2020-2021 Term Dates

1st September 2020                                                        INSET DAY 

2nd September 2020                                                       INSET DAY 

3rd September 2020 – 22nd October 2020               TERM 1

23rd October 2020                                                         INSET DAY 

2nd November 2020                                                      INSET DAY 

3rd November 2020 – 18th December 2020            TERM 2

4th January 2021 – 12th February 2021                       TERM 3

22nd February 2021 – 1st April 2021                             TERM 4

19th April 2021 – 28th May 2021                                    TERM 5

7th June 2021                                                                  INSET DAY 

8th June 2021 – 21st July 2021                                      TERM 6


2021-2022 Term Dates

1st September 2021                                                        INSET DAY 

2nd September 2021– 21st October 2021                   TERM 1

22nd October 2021                                                         INSET DAY 

1st November 2021                                                         INSET DAY 

2nd November 2021 – 17th December 2021             TERM 2

4th January 2022                                                           INSET DAY 

5th January 2022 – 11th February 2022                     TERM 3

21st February 2022 – 1st April 2022                            TERM 4

19th April 2022 – 27th May 2022                                  TERM 5

6th June 2022                                                                INSET DAY

7th June 2022 – 22nd July 2022                                 TERM 6


The School Day

The school is open from 8.30am and we encourage the children, where possible, to make their way into school independently. Registers will be taken at 8.45am each day. We operate an open door policy here so if there is something the class teacher needs to be aware of you are very welcome to speak to them at the beginning of the day.

Reception, Year 1 and 2 finish at 3.10pm

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 finish at 3.15pm 


Please click here to read a letter from Mr Eaton about the school day


School Assemblies are as follows:


Monday        2.45pm    Jessica's Halll      Whole School                           Mr Eaton

Tuesday        10.10am   Jessica's Hall       Whole School              David Bennie/Lionel Kevis

Wednesday   1.20pm    Jessica's Hall       Key Stage Assemblies          Key Stage Leaders

Thursday       10.10am   Classrooms         PSHE in Classes                    Class Teachers

Friday           10.10am   Jessica's Hall       Whole School                           Mr Eaton 


We follow a weekly theme for our assemblies that is based upon the SEAL Scheme. Details of these themes will be shared with parents at the beginning of each term and then on a weekly basis via the school Newsletter.